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Portable Stage & Audio Systems For Schools

There are many situations in schools that require the support of Portable Stage audio system, whether fixed (installed) or portable. Portable Stage equipment as described by its name, are light weight, easy to operate and above all safe to use for any occasion.

NexGen Portable Stage equipment

When specifying Portable Stage audio system for an educational institution, there are several factors to consider, these are: audience size, coverage area, type and number of audio sources, portability and audio quality.

Equally important is that the equipment is light and compact since it will normally be moved and operated by teachers or students who are not professional operators. A common situation is to use loudspeakers that are “mounted” or installed on tripods, and this makes the weight a determining factor. Especially if you think about the risk that exists when placing them on bases at a certain height and the possibility of accident occurs during the maneuver. Considering holsters or some type of Portable stage platform with wheels is convenient to expedite and minimize risks during the transfer and operation.

Based on the above, heavy designs such as wood-built speakers, some 15 “auto-amplified loudspeakers, and heavy subwoofers are very likely to exceed weight limits. It is better to think of boxes made with some type of resin (plastic) of 10 “or 12” that may have a compact size but work without compromising a good performance.

A pair of CROMO 12+ self- powered speakers from the Italian brand dB Technologies is a good example of a stereo system that can cover an audience of approximately 300 people in voice and recorded music applications. If you want a better response and coverage, you can add a Sub28D subwoofer and a pair of lecterns to the system. It is worth mentioning that equipment such as these require electrical power so we must consider a sufficiently long electrical extension of the appropriate size and with the number of contacts enough to connect all equipment.

CHROMO 12+ DB Technologies

The self-powered loudspeakers, built in polypropylene, are lightweight, stand-mounted and feature inputs to connect a microphone, mobile device or mixer directly. It is advisable to use some tripie to mount them to a suitable height, to obtain a wide dispersion and not to hurt the people’s ears.

Sub28D DB Technologies

For musical applications where an extended response is required at low frequencies, it is advisable to use a subwoofer to play the entire musical range.

For those applications where it is required to give voice messages and have real mobility, you must think of a solution that is light and above all that has some kind of rechargeable battery. At present, you can count on portable systems that also allow to reproduce and record music or warnings through a USB port, to connect a mobile device to a smartphone through a connector plug of 3.5 mm. The PHONIC SAFARI 1000M weighs less than 2 kg. And is an excellent solution to cover an audience of 100 people and allows up to 12 hours of continuous operation.

Use of Portable Stage Equipment for different events

Another common need in schools is to cover open spaces such as soccer fields for sporting events or outdoor festivals. There are several ways to solve this issue by the help of Portable Stage equipment. For Portable Stage audio system, one of the most practical and economical is to use constant voltage systems, also known as 70 or 100 volt systems. Although these are more common in fixed installations, they are a good solution for cost, ease of assembly and versatility.

Constant voltage systems use a central amplifier with multiple passive loudspeakers that have a transformer, regardless of the resulting impedance of the loudspeakers connected in series. This means that it is possible to connect as many speakers as needed, as long as the amplifier’s power capacity is not exceeded. For example, if you have a 300 watt per channel amplifier, you can connect 10 30 watt or 20-watt speakers to each of its channels. All simply with a pair of cables that go from one speaker to another, with the advantage of being able to have very long “runs” of cable (400 meters) without having a loss for the distance.

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For applications where portable systems with good quality in music reproduction and wide coverage are required, BOSE L1 and F1 systems can cover audiences from 100 to 1000 people. Auditoriums, projection rooms, music halls or multi-purpose forums where live performances are performed are the ideal spaces. Its line array technology began to be used in a large-scale live audio system, but today its design has reached the portable systems offering the advantages of a large coverage (180 degrees) and a level Of pressure (volume) very uniform at a distance.

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