What Is A Shear Blades Cutter Security?

Since the advent of the new shear blades cutter or stylus invented in 1956 by the Japanese businessman Yoshio Okada, then recurring problem of the loss of edge razor blades or knives used in the period, both in industry and in the trades and home, seemed resolved. Okada had designed a retractable blade knife, pre-cut into sections or segments of fixed length easily removable when replacing a worn stretch with a new mechanism now known as “snap-off” and common in the general sale cutters In the commerce.

Due to tremendous savings in time and money supposed Okada’s invention was more than welcome in the packaging industry, leather, textiles, graphics, electrical, food, building, crafts and any activity that involved the opening bags and cardboard boxes, wrapping rupture of packages and cutting drywall, for example.

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However, the solution of a problem soon created another major concern: that of accidents caused by this handy cutting tool. Despite the security offered by the retractable mechanism that housed the blade in the body of the cutter, whether from tampering or design flaws, the cutter helped, even today, to common injuries and frequent in workplaces, such as hand lacerations, cuts and puncture wounds.

The increased incidence of these accidents occurs when the blade of the cutter deviates from the material being cut.

Another common cause is when the end of the cutting blade projects out of the work piece. They also cause for an accident if leaves exposed in the place where the cutter is stored and certain inadequate grip handles that make it difficult and cause blisters on the hands after prolonged use.

Attentive to the rules of Industrial Safety and Health, which has been increasing rigor around the world, technology has introduced many improvements in the traditional cutter creating the so-called safety cutters, equipped with mechanisms that tend to minimize accidents derivatives the use of this tool.

Although varying according to the manufacturer, the improvements in safety cutters generally provide the following characteristics:

Design of other quick change sheets.

  • Fully secure the blade in their respective fasteners and guidance.
  • Automatic blade retraction when this no longer has contact with the material being cut.
  • Certain parts of the sheet.
  • Ergonomic handle and cutter body.
  • Provision of highly versatile tools for every need.

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